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Allowance Magic: Turn Your Kids Into Money Wizards by David McCurrach


David McCurrach aka
The Allowance Wizard

Wondering how a successful financial industry executive morfed himself into The Allowance Wizard?

Wonder no more! David McCurrach has always been known as an innovator, a communicator and a man on a mission. As a parent of five children, he has struggled with the same financial challenges that all parents face.

Fifteen years ago, he took it upon himself to research the field of children's financial education. He read all the available material, talked with many of the experts in the field and applied what he learned to his own kids. The results were incredible. It totally changed the financial dynamics of the parent / child relationship.

In the early '90s, he developed a workbook to help his children and others learn to manage their money. He began working with neighborhood families and friends, who quickly achieved the same spectacular results.

Seeing the Internet as an opportunity to help even more parents, he created the Kids' Money website in 1995. It was one of the first sites of its kind. He characterized it as "An interactive resource for parents interested in helping their children develop successful money management habits and financial responsibility."

In early 1996, Prodigy selected Kids' Money as one of its Ten Best member-created websites. Throughout that year, David hosted a number of Prodigy chats on the subject of financial parenting. Over the next several years, the media picked up on the success of his program and has featured him in hundreds of articles and news stories. To this day, Kids' Money is ranked Number One on Google.

David went on to debut Kids' Money Store on the Internet in 1997. Three years later, he founded Kids' Money Press and authored his first two books:

Kids' Allowances
How Much, How Often & How Come - A Guide For Parents

The Allowance Workbook
For Kids and Their Parents

Those books were enthusiastically received by parents all across the country. The first printings totally sold out. Rather than reprint, David decided to refocus on his message of using an allowance to develop successful financial habits in a new book:

Allowance Magic
Turn Your Kids Into Money Wizards

In 2004, David developed this website as a source of additional guidance and as a way to provide convenient online tools. He sees it as another "interactive resource" for parents and kids and as the next logical step in his effort to help both groups embrace and achieve the goals of the Allowance Magic program. Later this year, David plans to take his message on the road with a series of Allowance Magic workshops.

Vital information:

Born: December 21, 1947 in Flushing (Queens), New York
Raised: New York city and Wilmette, Illinois
Graduated: New Trier Township High School, Winnetka, Illinois; Southern Methodist University, Dallas, Texas (BA in Economics)
Military Service: United States Air Force, Pilot, decorated combat veteran
Business Career: Innovator of financial services and products in the Banking and Credit Union industries
Family: Five children, five grandchildren
Passion: Financial education

Check back here for frequent updates on this developing story.

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© Copyright 2004 by David McCurrach. All rights reserved. Revised 4/25/04.